Bad Credit Mobile Phones

408574Virgin Mobile have the highest acceptance rate out of all the UK mobile networks which is why they are our recommended company to apply with. Virgin Mobile even offer a special Solo Lite tariff for people who are declined the initial application. Click the handsets to start your application.

IMPORTANT: Choosing your mobile phone
Mobile networks catergorise handsets into bands based on their release date and cost:

Band 3 – Most expensive and latest top-of-the-range models
Band 2 – Mid range handsets
Band 1 – Cheapest low end handsets

People with a low credit score should choose handsets in Band 1 and Band 2.
Only people with an excellent credit score are likely to be approved for Band 3 handsets.

Nokia Lumia 720
Band 3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Band 3
Band 3
Blackberry Q5
Band 3
Motorola Razr I
Band 3
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HTC Desire X
Band 2
Nokia Lumia 620
Band 2
Samsung Galaxy Fame
Band 2
Sony Xperia L
Band 2
Blackberry Bold 9790
Band 2
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More Info More Info More Info More Info
Blackberry Curve 9320
Band 1
Nokia Asha 300
Band 1
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Band 1
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Band 1
ZTE Blade 3
Band 1
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SIM Only Contracts

SIM Only contracts are the easiest type of pay monthly contract to be accepted for as you are only being credit checked for the tariff and not a handset. For people with very bad credit history, these contracts are often your best chance of getting accepted for a pay monthly contract. After 3-6 months regular bill repayment, it is often possible to upgrade to a traditional pay monthly contract with free mobile phone.

£730 Day150 Minutes500 Texts500MBMore Info
£1030 Day250 MinutesUnlimited Texts1GBMore Info
£1230 Day1200 MinutesUnlimited Texts1GBMore Info
£1530 DayUnlimited MinutesUnlimited TextsUnlimited DataMore Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you recommend Virgin Mobile?
Out of all the main UK mobile network operators such as Vodafone, O2, Three and Orange, Virgin Mobile have the best approval rates when applying for a pay monthly contract. With years of experience in the mobile phone industry, we have helped thousands of people get connected and recommend Virgin Mobile as the best choice for people with a bad credit rating who are looking for a mobile phone contract.

Will I be guaranteed to get a mobile phone contract?
Although Virgin Mobile are our preferred network, we cannot guarantee that you will be approved on your application, but research shows that they are the best network to apply with. Whether you are accepted will depend on your own individual circumstances and your credit score.

How do I check my credit score?
Checking your credit score and credit report is very simple. Click here for more details.

What happens if I am approved?
If you managed to get accepted for a pay monthly contract it is extremely important to repay your monthly bill on time. Making regular repayments on a pay monthly mobile contract is an excellent and easy way to rebuild your credit rating so that you can successfully apply for other forms of credit in the future such as credit cards, loans, mortgages and other types of finance.

What happens if I am refused a mobile phone contract?
If your application was refused from the handsets listed above, then your next choice should be to apply for a SIM only contract. Virgin Mobile may offer you this tariff automatically. SIM only contracts come without a handset but once you have made regular repayments for 3-6 months, it is possible to upgrade your contract to a standard pay monthly contract with free handset.

What happens if I am refused a SIM only contract?
See below.

Refused A Contract By Virgin Mobile?

If you are declined both a mobile phone contract and a SIM only contract with Virgin Mobile, then unfortunately it means your credit rating is too poor to be accepted. However, you can still get a mobile phone contract – click to view the range of no credit check mobile phones.

Guide To Bad Credit Virgin Mobile Phones

Maybe you have been denied a mobile phone contract in the past as a result of a bad credit, or you want to re-apply for a contract but you are so unsure whether you will be accepted no matter what contract you apply for. Well, as long as you reside in the UK and you have got an ID to prove that, you should not be worried since you can be able to successfully apply for a mobile phone contract even if you have a bad credit history.

In this article, we are going to discuss how to find and also apply for a range of bad crediVirgin Mobile phones so that the next time you apply you will be able to get the best possible acceptance rate.

What transpires when you apply for a contract?

After applying for a mobile contract, the network views your credit report as well as your credit score to find out whether you will qualify through the application process. This is usually done using an automated checking process that checks your personals details such as age, address, marital status as well as your financial history which includes, bank loans, mortgage details and credit purchases.

That information is then used to establish your personal credit score which will determine whether your application will qualify or fail and whether the figure meets the specifications of the lender.

Reasons why you may be denied a contract

The most common reason that may cause you to be denied a pay monthly contract is credit score that is quite low. You may also be denied the contract due to the following reasons:

  • You may not be registered with the local council or electoral roll
  • Companies may be unable to give a reports of repayments to credit agencies
  • You may be completely lacking a credit history
  • There could have been some defaults in the past

Mobile network credit scoring

DifferenVirgin Mobile network operators use different credit scoring systems and therefore if you were denied a mobile phone by one company, there are chances of still getting it from another company. Companies such as Orange, Virgin Mobile and 02 have different scorings since their interpretation of what a “perfect customer” is differ. Also, the total amount of credit applied for can be a determining factor whether you will get the mobile phone or not. For instance, you may be denied a 3000 minutes monthly deal on a brand new Smartphone but then get approval for a basic £10 monthly deal for a useful, though not state-of-the-art handset.

This implies that credit scoring systems will differ among lenders as well as the products that are being sold.

In the event that you find it a bit hard to get a good mobile contract, you should not take it personal. This is because the contract application forms are accessed by millions and the networks deliberately deny some few good applicants a chance using a standard one-size-fits-all credit check. This helps them to avoid spending a lot of money on personalized vetting processes for individual candidates.

Finding contracts that are suitable for people with bad credit

If you have a bad credit, you will need to consider you applications carefully. Though it can be really tempting to apply for contracts of brand new Smartphones that are about to be released into the market, such contracts usually have the lowest acceptance rates especially for people with bad credit. The more expensive a handset is, the higher its credit scoring will be and the harder it will be for it to get approved especially if you have a bad credit.

In the event that you have had problems being accepted for credit before, chances of landing a deal on a brand new iPhone for about £50 monthly contract will be very slim. You will stand a better chance of getting approved if you go for a more basic handset that goes for a quite cheaper monthly tariff.

You should always aim for bad crediVirgin Mobile phones that you can afford to pay and which meets your needs. That way, it will be easier for you to establish a credit history with your network of choice before you upgrade later on with a contract that features a more current handset. The best way you can go about this is by taking one month rolling SIM-Only contracts which have the best acceptance rates.

Reasons for choosing a rolling SIM-Only contract

This kind of contract will not only give you a better acceptance rate, but it will also give you a chance to establish your credit history with your network of choice. Such contracts are short term with low monthly costs and as a result the risk associated with them is very low. You only need to pay for the network service as well as usage of text, minutes and data. But before you start using these services you will need to have a suitable mobile, and therefore it implies that the upfront costs you will have to pay will be higher compared to the monthly contract.

If you are happy and satisfied with the services provided by the network and they are also happy that you are making your payments as agreed, you may be able to get a long-term contract which may include the phone you had dreamed of having in just a few months. This can be the only way to getter a better deal if you have a poor credit.

But if you do not manage to get a SIM-Only contract but you still want a phone, the option you will be left with is to buy the phone separately. That way, you will be able to get the phone you wanted and then use it together with the SIM-Only contract in order to get the best out of it.

Requirements for applying for a SIM-Only Contract

  1. A payment that will need you to use your bank, credit or debit card details
  2. Your UK residential address which will be needed for delivery purposes
  3. If you had other addresses for the past three years, you will need to provide them. Also, if you just moved to the UK you will need to state where you came from
  4. Proof of your personal documents such as Passport, ID, driving license
  5. How you will pay deposit if your credit is bad


If you have been denied a mobile contract in the past for having a poor credit history, the above ways should help you improve your credit score and increase your chances of landing deal on the bad crediVirgin Mobile phone that you want. You will come across various low to mid-range mobile phones on this website together with their full reviews as well as contract choices from different networks. Most of these handsets are suitable for people that have credit issues, but it will be better off to go for lower-priced plans to stand a better chance of getting approval.